Meet the artist

“Let all that you do, be done in Love”

1 Corinthians 16:14

Hello there, beautiful! My name is Melinda and I am so happy that you are here. I’m a heart-driven Fine Art Photographer and Artist. I specialize in documenting high school seniors, intimate weddings and lifestyle photography.

I am inspired by life, love, light and truth. I have always had a strong love and appreciation for finding beauty in all things. Behind my camera is where you will find an analytical mind and an artist’s heart. I believe that I have been called to capture emotion in art form, tell short stories through my photographs and freeze time for generations of memories that will be cherished and passed down for years to come. My hope is to artistically capture moments in time that represent joy, creativity, braveness and love.

My business is based out of south central Ohio in a small town with a big name called Washington Court House. I was born and raised in this sweet little town and I am so happy to be serving my community and our surrounding areas. This small town is perfect for raising our two daughters and allows us to remain close to our families whom we love so much!

My husband and high school sweetheart Kirby is my biggest supporter. When I quit my stable corporate job in the big city and told him I was going to start my own photography business, he never doubted me. It has been a challenging and extremely rewarding journey so far and I can’t wait to see how this business grows and gives back in the process. Kirby also is my second shooter at all weddings. This allows us to get multiple angles and perspectives during your big day!

We have two amazing daughter’s, Madelynn and Josie. They are our truest blessings from above. They keep life meaningful, interesting and a bit messy (if we’re talking about their bedrooms!) I want my daughters to grow up unafraid to dream big, think outside of societal norms and to pursue their aspirations bravely. I knew that in order for them to enjoy such freedom I would need to first discover it for myself, and lead the way for them. I’m always learning about how to improve the work/life balance and to live life one day at a time. I hope that I can be an example to them of what true passion, hard work and dedication looks like.

Random Facts


It brings me great peace. Sitting by the lake, taking a light day hike, feeling the warmth of the sun, feeling the breeze in my hair, studying His amazing creation all around us. I also love being in water. Do not be surprised if I make a suggestion for one of your photo locations to be in a shallow body of water or if I place you in the middle of a random field of overgrown wildflowers and tall grass.


I prefer live music in small intimate settings, but that doesn’t happen as often as I would like in this stage of my life. I also enjoy driving around with my music turned up way too loud while singing and dancing. My favorite artist is Andrew McMahon. I have followed him from his early days in Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin and now Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. His music has been a constant through some of life’s best and hardest of times.


I am so happy that Pat Catan’s is in town because I also have a sticker and gel pen fetish. Call me old fashioned, but I have to have a pen and paper planner. I do not use my iPhone for any of my scheduling or planning.


Yes, that’s right! Your photographer and artist is actually a trained scientist! Even when I was obtaining my degree I think I knew deep down that I would prefer to be outside in nature instead of being inside a lab all day. My research project was testing river sediment for heavy metal contamination. My favorite part of the project was actually getting into the river barefoot and collecting my samples. That is very similar to what you will find me doing today on the job during photo sessions. Full circle moments like that always make me look up and smile. He knows what he is doing! His plans are always unfolding and I trust His process more now than ever


I enjoy creating my own and also admiring other artist’s work.


They are complete opposites in their hair length and personality. They love each other one minute and are hissing at each other the next. Just like true siblings!

My Philosophy

Timeless style and graceful moments…

I believe in creating honest images in beautiful settings using gorgeous natural light. Each session is uniquely customized to you and is focused on your style, personality, inner beauty and interests. I highly suggest incorporating meaningful locations and items that are significant to you and your family. Examples could be grandma’s vintage earrings, chair or favorite quilt. Sessions become an event to look forward to and an experience that you look back on favorably. Some of my favorite images tend to be those “in between” moments. Being able to capture that vulnerability is such a gift and often times those moments tend to be some of everyone’s favorites because they evoke an emotion or memory of that time and place.

If you value beautiful images and archival, heirloom products, you’re in the right place! My service includes so much more than digital files on a disc or USB. Your experience includes my full attention, assistance with everything from wardrobe suggestions, to location ideas, to wall art design, and the highest quality fine art prints, albums and products for you to cherish and display in your home for years to come.

I am a follower of Jesus and I am so thankful for his
sovereignty and grace!

He presented the path of photography to me, blessed me with an artistic eye and the desire to sharpen my craft and most importantly the will to capture the love of family, new beginnings and the joys of this life to preserve for years to come. He has undoubtedly designed me with a unique way of viewing the world and the people in it and has given me the artistic ability to be able to capture and share it.

My life, my family and my business have been given to me only by the grace of God. I make a conscious effort to try to live my life in His light by letting everything I do in my family and in my business, be for His glory and not my own. I am work in progress and often times fall short but the desire to be more like Jesus is in my heart. My #MUPSENIORS senior rep program is centered around giving back and leading a group of young adults in a community service project.

Each year we put our heads and our hearts together to come up with what our group will do to bless our community with open hearts, serving and loving others.

“Let your faith be bigger than your fears”

Let’s Connect

If you love to go on adventures and discover beauty in the ordinary, please send me a message!
I would love to photograph this exciting time in your life and learn more about what makes you unique. I look forward to meeting you over coffee and cookies to talk more about the sweet and timeless moments I can capture of you and your loved ones!