The Senior Experience

It is my goal as your senior photographer to create bold, timeless, and beautiful photographs, but to also give each of my seniors a fun and unique experience customized to their style, interests and ideas.

I strive to keep my photography natural and honest. I focus on capturing your natural beauty that radiates from within.

Some of my best memories happened my senior year of high school. So many important decisions are being made about your future and you are about to celebrate one of your biggest accomplishments with your family and best friends by your side. Being able to celebrate all your achievements is one of the best experiences. It is my goal as a photographer to make all of my seniors feel beautiful, give them the best experience, and have nothing but gorgeous images to celebrate their graduation and accomplishments! From planning your senior session (wardrobe, locations, accessories and/or props) to helping you choose the best products, sizes and images to display in your home, I’m here every step of the way to guide you through the process.


How long do sessions last?

I always plan to photograph for 2-3 hours before sunset. If you are a morning person, we can also do your session in the morning just as the sun rises.

How many outfits can I wear?

I recommend bringing 3-5 outfits and incorporating styles and accessories that really express who you are as an individual.

Do you suggest I invest in hair and makeup?

Yes! I have four local hair and makeup artists that I recommend or feel free to use your own personal stylist! Having professional hair and makeup done on the day of your session will make you feel and look your absolute best and also adds to your senior portrait experience!

How many locations will I be photographed in?

1-2 locations are included. I like photographing in locations that look like more than one. Upon booking we will discuss and finalize locations. I highly recommend using a location that is meaningful to you. Don’t worry, if you don’t have any ideas I have a ton of great locations we can use!

How far in advance should I book?

I generally book one season out. So if you want a spring or summer senior session, please contact me in the winter!

Can I have more than one senior session?

Yes! There is an option to add on mini senior session(s) if you want a different season, hairstyle, update your family photo, BFF session, include your pet or add additional outfits (examples: sports or prom dress).

What does it mean to be on the #MUPSENIORS team? And how do I apply?

This is not your typical senior rep program! I want to be sure that this program is full of heart and is focused on giving back to our community! Once the team is established each year we will vote on our community service project and complete it together. Participants will receive incentives and goodies for joining the #MUPSENIORS team! I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!

The Wedding Experience

It is my goal as your wedding photographer to create romantic, timeless and elegant photographs, but to also give each of my couples an amazing experience. Storytelling is what I strive for through my photography. I want to tell your wedding day love story in such a way that when you look at your photos 40 years from now you remember exactly how you felt that day in your captured memories.

I believe that weddings are a celebration of a sacred commitment and every wedding I witness reminds me of the importance of that promise.

Photographing a wedding requires a broad set of skills beyond having a good eye and understanding light. It’s being able to do so while managing timelines, personalities, unpredictable weather, and still capturing the “must-have” shots like family photos and traditions. It’s being prepared for anything rain or shine, always having a plan “B” and thriving in the happy chaos that often accompanies a wedding day.

My goal as wedding photographer is to make this one part of your wedding planning process smooth and simple. Photography is more than just images; it is a real part of your big day. Not only do you deserve beautiful images, but you also deserve an amazing experience with your photographer. When my couples feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera it results in genuine, heartfelt images! A bride and groom should connect with their photographer, trust their photographer and be excited about the whole process with them! After booking, I love getting to know my clients during an engagement session! That helps them warm up to the camera so that they are comfortable being photographed on their wedding day! By the time the wedding day arrives, my clients feel more like friends and that creates a safe and relaxed environment for photography! I look forward to meeting you and talking more about your love story and the details regarding your wedding day!

I truly love what I do and consider it a huge honor and responsibility each time I am asked to photograph such a huge milestone in a couple’s life. I only take on a limited amount of weddings each year to ensure that the upmost attention and detail is committed to each project.

The Lifestyle Experience

It is my goal as your portrait photographer to create timeless and beautiful photographs, but to also give each of my clients an amazing experience. From planning your lifestyle session (wardrobe, locations, accessories and/or props) to helping you choose the best products, sizes and images to display in your home, I’m here every step of the way to guide you through the process.

Photographic Blessings

The look (sometimes tears) on a groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time, the first breath that your newborn baby takes when he or she enters this world, to the high school senior starting a new path in their life and for them to see themselves as beautiful and confident in their images. Tiny and perfect details of sweet newborn toes, the beautiful wrinkles in a grandmother’s face, the intricacies of a stray leaf on the ground, a bright, colorful weed growing out of a crack in the sidewalk, a small rainbow peeking out of a random cloud, young sisters holding hands as they walk down a pasture together. Being a photographer, I am always viewing life in photographs in my mind. I have a deep love for LOVE, family, togetherness, nature and the simple things in life.